2013-09-29 15.00.14Last Sunday Team Sesh artist Bones released his greatly anticipated mixtape “Cracker” and to no surprise, it’s arguably his best work yet. Funneling the emotion and sound of 90s grunge music into that tumblr-age rap we all love, he creates a sound that is truly unique.

The opening track to Cracker, TheWhiteWitch starts off with Bones setting the record straight to the “internet” haters talking down on his music. “I aint trying to be white, I aint trying to black, I aint trying to act, I’m not even tyring to rap” He also addresses the fact that other ‘musicians’ are starting to copy his sound but (obviously) no one can do it quite like him. All of this done over a very ethereal and hallucinogenic influenced beat

The tape is very versatile in the sense that it offers somber guitar-heavy tracks such as “Thorns” and then transitions into a more hardcore tone reminiscent of 80’s punk music on the song “Moshpits” which features longtime collaborator X. Wulf (formerly known as Ethelwulf). Bone’s even landed a feature from the infamous Gangsta Boo, of ThreeSix Mafia fame, for the track “UndergroundLegends” where he finesses over the beat with an expert flow to compliment Boo’s lyrical mastery.

The standout track on Cracker would definitely have to be “Backroads”, in this song he critiques the materialism that has taken over the minds of not only the rap scene but all of society in general. Yet at the same time he deals with emotional struggles we all experience on the hook “friends turn strangers, life gets stranger/world starts changing I gotta stay adjacent” Truly a line of wisdom regarding growing up and the passing of time.

Overall Cracker is the perfect balance between Bones rapping while still showcasing his ability to sing (even screaming in a few of the tracks too). With most of the songs lasting  slightly more than two-minutes it’s a relatively quick listen but a very enjoyable one nonetheless.

Cracker has got me thinking that if Kurt Cobain was born in 1994, he would probably make music in a very similar fashion to Bones.

Download Cracker and get at Bones on twitter here.


review by @krash_69

AUDIO: X. Wulf & Black Kray – $$$ TAMAG0TCHi $$$

X. Wulf comes through with that acid-myspace influenced wave in his latest release ‘Tamagotchi’ that features Black Kray. Peep it below


get at X. Wulf on twitter here


Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 6.44.16 PM

WATCH: Bones – GraveyardGod

The Team Sesh rapper Bones came through with a video for his acid-influenced track GraveyardGod off his most recent release Scumbag. Equipped with crucifixes and the dark visuals he loves to shoot the vid is dope as always. Peep it below.

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CRINGE: White Rapper Spits in…Demonic Voices

Equipped with a hat he probably bought at Spencers, this greasy haired weirdo makes an awesomely embarrassing video of him rapping. Wait till 1:55 for the real fun.

AUDIO: Denzel Curry – Bitch Named Bitch Feat. Yung Lean

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 10.22.18 AM This rare collaboration between Carol Citys own Denzel Curry and the sadboys team captain Yung Lean was dropped earlier in the week. While this track won’t make it on to Curry’s album Nostalgic 64 (dropping on September 1st) its dope as fuxk and bring’s us back to the lo-fi vibe that Denzel came up on. Peep it below.   Get at Curry on his twitter here and Yung Leans here

WATCH: GDP- Placeholder (Official Video)

The West Orange MC GDP dropped some visuals for the song Placeholder off his latest release Holla on Run for Cover Records. The ambient synths matched with his poetically desolate lyrics make due for the perfect rainy day masterpiece.

Get at him on twitter and bandcamp

SKATE: T.J. Hernandez

Jersey City native T.J. Hernandez released a dope new skating video earlier last week. Sponsored by Supra, Krew and Classic Skateshop in Bayonne New Jersey, T.J. showcases his skills by tearing up the tristate. Watch the Wasted Youth Clothing affiliate put on for skaters all across Jersey in the video below.


write up by @krash_69


The VMA’s we’re pretty boring but we learned an important face about Miley Cyrus, her ass is rather peculiar…as these comparisons show.






AUDIO: Xavier Wulf – Hollow Squad

The rapper formerly known as Ethelwulf came through with some wavy vocals in his latest releast Hollow Squad (below)

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