Local Teen Missing

19 year old Fred Chubb recently decided to make a twitter account which currently marks the last time he's been seen in any form since he's been reported missing.

A friend of Chubb's commented on the teen's appreciation for marijuana.
"He smoked hella blunts."
"I've seen him ripped harder than a beyblade."

 Is the weed laced with another drug? Is Fred in danger? Maybe that "sticky icky" is just more dangerous than the government leads you to believe.  A lot of people in today's society feel as though smoking pot is a victimless crime, even president Barack Obama has weighed in.
"Weed is chill and as the commander and...quit chiefin the blunt Biden."

Something changed over the short course of two minutes to cause this dramatic shift in character.  A panel of experts consulted from trippyshit.com said there was approximately a "20 to 90% chance" that Fred was legitimately under the influence of a hallucinogenic and not just marijuana.
"We legitimately have no idea, we just get high and post trippy shit on our website."

 Here it is, the last thing this missing teen ever "said".  Local authorities released a statement.
"We don't have much faith that Mr. Chubb is still alive, but if he's out there-"
*takes a bite of a doughnut*
"We'll do our absolute best to find him and punish him to the fullest extent of the law for violating the great state of north dakota's illegal substance policy."

If you have ANY relevant information on the disappearance of 19 year old Fred Chubb please send it to the teen news tipline at teennews69@gmail.com so that we can give it to the proper authorities.