Best Baseball Stadiums to Watch Baseball At

Every teen should bring their hot new babe to a baseball game because it's a great excuse to order your girl a hot dog and find out first hand how she handles a weiner.  If you're still not satisfied get her an ice cream cone before you dip in the 7th inning.  With that in mind let's take a look at the top 5 baseball stadiums for teen dates in the world.

5. Dodger Stadium
dodger stadium hottie
7 out of 10. would bang
Unless you're an idiot you should be able to tell that Dodger Stadium is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers which means that it's in Los Angeles.  Duh, right? So it should be another duh why it's on this list.  IT'S IN LOS ANGELES.  If you're a teen lucky enough to be born in an area where you can go to this stadium then you should thank whatever god you can think of for the cali babes you get to see every god damn day.

*looks around the city of los angeles*
"yea i'd fuck most of these girls fo sho"
" offense babe"

4. Fenway Park
fenway park
they put the "lesbian" in "softball"

Tough luck teens, you're in the Boston area.  If the fact that the babes are sub par isn't enough, you have to listen to their stupid accents too.  But hey, what can you do, you're trying to lose your virginity to a 5 and taking this nickel out to a ballgame seems like a good idea.  Fenway clearly makes the cut because there's no better way to segway into how big your dick is than by talking about the "Green Monster" in left field.

"you should see my green monster babe"
"like my dick"
"your dick is green?"

3. Miller Park
miller park

You're in Milwaukee so I'm going to assume you're white.  The girl you're bringing to this stadium with you is probably white too.  One of the BEST things about white girls is their incredibly short attention spans.  You can literally say whatever you want to them and as long as some loud noise or shiny object happens during or after they won't have any recollection.  The dude sliding down a giant yellow slide after a homerun gives teens like you a mulligan.

"i'd like to hit all the bases with you too babe"
"woah slow do-" *DUDE SLIDES DOWN SLIDE* "haha wowweee"

2. Tropicana Field 
tropicana field sting rays
sup fish type critters

They got actual rays in a tank that you can check out with your girl that'll probably make her cream when you point out that they have rays because the team is named the Rays.  Bitches love obvious observations because a "girl brain" is much smaller than the brains of you and your bros.  Since no one in Tampa Bay gives a shit about baseball, this stadium makes a great place to steal second base with your girl and get an over the pants handjob in an empty seating section.

*tumbleweed rolls by*
"how bout a handjob"

1. Marlins Park
marlins park hotties
bottom left there's hot wings 

This park is far and away the greatest baseball stadium to bring your babe to.  Like Los Angeles, if you're in Miami you've probably got a dime piece.  Because you're still in Florida, nobody gives a shit about baseball and you got some room to operate in a mostly empty ballpark.  And to top it all of THERE'S A GOD DAMN POOL.  POOL=BABES IN BIKINIS and every dude knows bikinis are basically underwear and then you just got to get under where? Exactly.

*hooks up with date and 50 other sexy miami bitches in a pool while watching a baseball game*