Best Snacks

As a teen you gotta eat, but sometimes your mom doesn't love you enough to make dinner.  Because you don't have enough time to make real food, you gotta eat snacks.  With that in mind teen news breaks down the top five teen snacks.

5. Fun-Dip

Holy shit fun dip. This is like blow for kids. Unfortunately the only good flavor is RazzApple and you look like you gave shrek a killer beej after its all over, but all in all TYWW (thank you willy wonka)

fun dip
it's dip that's fun

4. Popcorn

No one really understands the science behind popcorn, most believe that it was a gift from aliens. Regardless this oddly textured snack is beloved by teens everywhere.

popcorn crazy
 3. Bagel Bites

Where is the Nobel Peace prize for the stoner that thought of combining mini bagels with pizza? There has been long debate on which frozen pizza snack reigns supreme; Bagel Bites or Pizza Rolls, but anyone with half a brain knows BBs trumps those deadly packets of lava.

bagel bites


The ice gods have truly answered prayers with this creation. The slurpee has been cooling off teens since the time of Abraham Lincoln. If your town is too wealthy to have any 7-11s nearby you can enjoy a sub-tier ICEE at your local Cosco or whatever. Slurpees ride or die. TEEN TIP: Drink em really fast if you want to feel like you got punched in the head 23 times.

slurpee selena gomez
Selena can't be wrong

1. Taco Bell

Not considered a snack by some, Taco Bell is the mecca for teens. If you go in with 5 american dollars you can basically get enough food to feed a family of five, or your two high friends. I love mexico, I love mexicans, and I love Taco Bell.

taco bell car crash