Breaking Bad is the Best Show of All Time

The only thing teens love more than hyperbowls, are hyper bowls.  So fill your pieces up with some dank kush and remember that meth is only fun on television.
You teens love breaking bad so this article will be dedicated to honoring some of the characters that made the show so great.  But first, let's look at the poll results.

teen poll
27 is most of y'all
Basically, 32% of teens have never seen breaking bad.  32% of teens are losers.  For the most part, anybody who has ever watched the show will not only recognize the great characters mentioned in this article but also recognizes how legendary it truly is.

breaking bad
Gus Fringyl - Chicken Lover & Meth Extraordinaire 
Oh boy did the characters have some issues with this mean dude.  He didn't stop them though.

larry david
Crazy 8 - Mean Guy
Remember when Walter blew him up with magic? Shit was tense.

walt junior breaking bad
Walter Jr. - The Son & Unsung Hero
Wow, what a twist when he did the dance he did.

carlton dance
Jesse Pinkyman - The Fun Loving Apprentice
The character development was very good I must say.

invader zim dog
Walter White - Math Teacher Turned Drug Kingpin
We'll miss you Breaking Bad, but thanks for the memories.