Chris Christie Has Made New Jersey Worse Than Darfur

Teens have spoken, they would much rather live in Darfur than in the state of New Jersey.  Teen News investigates.
We interviewed a few New Jersey teens to find out what is so bad about New Jersey.

"there's nothing to do here" - white girl 15 f
"people from philadelphia and new york make fun of us" - 16 m

Basically all of these travesties can be attributed to one man, the New Jersey war lord Chris Christie.

chris christie hell
Supreme Commander Christie giving a vicious hate speech
Chris Christie's terror has been heard world wide as his attempts to start a full out genocide against all things non-italian in New Jersey become more apparent.  After congratulating a resident of the Western Sudan region known as Darfur on their teen news poll victory we asked for an opinion on the tyrannical Chris Christie.

*sticks out hand for food* - 13 f

Can Chris Christie and the Guido master race of New Jersey be stopped? Maybe we'll never know, but if you live in his state, you better move to Darfur.

teen poll
10 votes of Christie regime propaganda