Christmas Holiday Decorating

Day 2 of the teen news 25 days of Christmas and the topic for December 2nd is Holiday Decorating. Your parents are very likely to deck the house out if they haven't already, and either in response or in preparation teen news breaks down the five lamest holiday decorations and of course the reasons why they suck.

5) Nativity Scenes
nativity scene
this is as cool as they get

 There's nothing lamer about Christmas than the birth of Christ.  Anything related to unexpected pregnancy is a total turn off to any babes you might bring over your house because even though condoms are 99% effective against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases they could not prevent the messiah.

*gets drunk and breaks nativity scene*
"jesus bro...i'm so sorry"

4) Trains
christmas train


Nope, I don't know why trains are commonly associated with Christmas either, they're an outdated mode of transportation that are only used for pre-gaming in America.

"son help me set up this train set"
"dad are you like 12 years old"

3) Wreaths
christmas wreath
a robot Christmas wreath

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First of all, many wreaths are made out of left over Christmas tree parts from the Christmas tree factory located somewhere in China.  That alone makes it lame.  No one wants to look at shitty leftover Christmas tree parts that were made in china in preparation of an event in which we exchange gifts that were made in china.

"nice wreath bro"
"thanks man i genuinely appreciate that"

2) Plush Singing Decorations

gingerbread man christmas
sing me a song gingerbread man, sing me a song tonight
I don't think there is a credible argument as to why these things wouldn't be lame.  They're advertised as "soft and adorable" but in reality the Christmas song the plush demon sings will become the background music to your nightmares as December advances.

"can i click the button to make it sing!?"

1) Lights
christmas lights
Other than those that politically identify as "white trash" Christmas lights are decorations that get put up in December and taken down in January.  The assembly of Christmas Lights lead to over 100,000 deaths every year in the state of Rhode Island alone.  The risk is simply not worth the reward, and death is the lamest thing of all.

"son i could use some assistance out here"
"DAD I DON'T WANNA FUCKING HELP YOU DECORATE"                                   

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