Best Musicians of 2017

Every teen loves music because every other teen loves music.  In today's society it is absolutely necessary to know who you are supposed to like and dislike. Let's take a look at the top 8 bands that teens love to hate.

8. Skrillex
Dubstep is certainly a crucial component of teenage culture, and Skrillex is at the forefront of it all. Skrillex has been called a “dubstep wizard”. He has even been cited by Time Magazine as “The Beatles of our generation”, but the reasons teens love to hate him are because he’s “too mainstream” and has “super gay hair”. However, what they seem to forget is that the man known as Skrillex is the only living human being capable of “dropping the bass”. That’s a fact kids, look it up.

those are grammys
7. Nickelback


6. AC/DC
This is the music of Dads. Dads are mystical creatures known for “wearing dirty Nikes” and “having had sex at least once in their life”. Many of you probably have a dad yourself. The music of AC/DC can currently be heard on literally every classic rock station in the world. Dads are drawn to this music like moths to a flame. The reasons teens love to hate this band are very complicated, but it can generally be summed up by the teen principle that “all things from the 80’s are gay”

dad shoes
dad swag

5. The Little Waynes
No, this isn’t a group of orphans adopted by Batman. The Little Waynes were known for their groundbreaking hits such as “A Milli”, one of the only hip-hop tracks dedicated to the life of millipedes. Recently though, teens have seemed to turn their back on the Waynes citing they’re “totally played out” and “it’s all about Mac and the Millers now”

codeine promethazyne
sip slow my nigga

4. Nickelback


3. The Marching Band
The reasons teens love to hate the marching band is because it’s filled with a bunch of nerds who have probably never smoked a cigarette in their life. Is virginity a requirement for playing the tuba? Because it sure seems like it is.

spongebob marching band gif
there was only one cool
marching band

2. Nickelback

creed nickelback

1. Jeff Dunham’s Band of Puppets
Though not a “band” in the traditional sense, Jeff Dunham’s Band of Puppets are without a doubt the number one band teens love to hate. The teen voices have never been stronger than in their abhorrence for Jeff Dunham’s antics: “Ventriloquism has never seemed gayer” “He was on the television once and I had to leave my friend’s house” “Watching Jeff Dunham is worse than getting AIDS twice”

jeff dunham's band of puppets
just chillin