Drunk Driving Statistics for Teens

Drinking and driving is a problem in the world, and underage teens are doing it the most. Studies show 69% of teens between 16-21 drink and drive.

It all started when Henry Ford, creator of hot wheels, just made a really big hot wheel and then that became what you know today as a car. Pretty soon after that people drank and smoked weed while driving their giant hot wheels (cars). Everyone did it, even you're grandmother (if she says she didn't shes a liar, those cookies secret ingredient aren't love). It wasn't until 1919-1933 when they enforced the prohibition that the percentage of people who drank and drove plummeted. 

hot wheels collection
these are some of the first "cars" ever invented

Today, the statistics of drunk driving is very low. It's all teens that do it, pretty much. 

teen news interviewed parents: 

"I was so surprised when I found out, damn Kevin got apple juice all over my dashboard." 
- Laurie T.

"I found oregano in my center consul?" 
- Steve F.

"Get these damn kids off my lawn" 
- Old Geezer

We also interviewed the teens:

"Its cool I have so much fun drunk, completely wasted on alcohol and driving" 
- John D.

"Yeah dude drinkin alcohol n smokin sticky icky, like whatever snoop dogg calls it, and driving is fun"  - Mike B.

"What are you cops?" 
- anonymous

*blows weed smoke in our face*
 - Tommy C.

So as you can see, drinking and driving is a very bad thing and is not cool, don't do drugs kids.