Easy College Majors That Will Get You A High Paying Job

Every teen wants to head from high school to college and coast on by with an easy major while getting blackout drunk three or more times a week, but they still want to be absolutely loaded when they finally graduate. Here are five majors that teen news believes fit those criteria.

5) Drugdealing

he couldn't get out the hood
There's a lot of risk in this major because it is always unclear how the market regulations may affect your future opportunities and freedom.  However this is one major that absolutely can be used while you attend school.  Make sure to network to getwork.

4) Stripping

$20 for a "share"
The majority of teens that take this major are female, but that shouldn't get your hopes down.  Even though the standard requirements for female applicants are: at least a 4/10, dirty, and willing to do just about anything for money while the standard requirements for male applicants are: channing tatum esque.  Majoring in stripping could also be used to pay for a major in stripping, while setting yourself up for a career in stripping, prostitution, or pornography.

3) Communications

cute walkie talkies
modern technology
Even though you're not a college athlete, who says you can't take the same classes as those dumbasses?  Sorry, that was a generalization, but 1 out of every 10 communications majors tends to be a Fortune 500 Company CEO I think.

2) Prostitution

college girl
4.0 GPA
Think of this as the honors program for stripping majors.  The world will always need two things and hoes are one of them.  In this major it is actually encouraged to sleep with your professors for better grades.

1) Pimping

the campus nerd
Possibly the hardest college major to get into nowadays and by far the most competitive.  However, if you manage to step your pimp game up at the collegiate level and network your way to having a few hoes on deck you might be the next Chill Gates.  Make sure to ask for a beautiful pimp cup (chalice) for graduation from mommy and daddy!