Ebola Goes Viral in California High School

Ebola isn't a very contagious disease, infecting the same amount of people per case as HIV/AIDS.  However, it appears the latest thing for Americans to fear has another way of infecting teen culture.

ebolaLOS ANGELES, CA - Teens in a local high school have recently started a trend related to the presence of ebola on the news.  "These dumbass kids wait until someone passes out at a party and then cover them with markings with a red sharpie".  Gary Joseph, a step father of a local student, told teen news more in an exclusive interview.  "My pussy of a step son wouldn't go to school today because he was afraid of being quarantined by his classmates."  Apparently, the quarantine procedure at the high school includes, but is not limited to: people making small dick jokes, people calling the infected a "virgin", and of course forcing the "ebola" ridden teen to eat at the "ebola table".

red sharpie
an extremely dangerous biochemical warfare agent

"Kids are so [expletive] stupid nowadays.  I hated my step son before, and now I [expletive] hate him."