Exclusive Interview with President Barack Obama

We here at teen news had the pleasure to sit down with the 44th President of the United States. We asked him the hard-hitting questions in this exclusive one on one interview

tn - So, Mr. Barack... Can I call you Mr. Barack?

bo - Barack is my first name

tn - Wait, really? Oh shit, okay let me start over... Mr, ummmm... What's your last name again?

bo - Obama

tn - That's a weird last name. Is it like Muslim or something?

bo - No

tn - If you say so big guy. Okay, first real question. What do you think of marijuana?

bo - I support states' rights in the legalization of marijuana if that's what the lawmakers and people of a certain state believe is the right step to take

tn - I'm just put down your response as "420 BLAZE IT". That's fine, right?

bo - No. Not at all

tn - Ugh, you're so lame. Anyway, next question. What's it like working with George Washington? Is he really as cool as people say he is?

bo - George Washington is dead.

tn - What?? When did this happen? Why didn't anyone tell me?!

bo - You can't be serious, can you?

tn - *crying* Screw you Barack! How could you be so insensitive?

bo - I think this interview is over

tn - No, wait! Please, I'll get it together. I promise

bo - *lights cig* Just get on with it faggot

tn - Oh snap!! When did you get so sassy B??

bo - ...

tn - Yes, right. The interview. Questions... Let's see here... *fumbles through paperwork* Ah! Okay, you know in the first Harry Potter when Harry gets that Dumbledore trading card? And then Harry's like, where'd Dumbledore go? And Ron was like, he can't be there forever? My question is, like, does Dumbledore just randomly appear in wizard trading cards? How does he have the time? Isn't he doing other shit most of the time? They never really explained that

bo - I... *thinks about the question for a bit until he realizes its retarded* Do you have any serious questions?

tn - Ummmmm, *fumbles through more paperwork* I think so. Here's one: What's it like being the first African American President? Is there a lot of pressure for you to live up to the expectations of great African Americans before you? And do you feel responsibility in being a figurehead for an entire demographic of people that even today still feels the horrors of racism and discrimination?

bo - Well, that's actually a very good question. Firstly, I'd like to-

tn - Oh I'm sorry that's all the time we have. Thanks for stopping by Mr. President!

bo - Go fuck yourself

tn - Okay then