Freshman Bullying Ends In Horrible Fight

A 15 year male teen (who demanded to remain anonymous) was hospitalized for getting brutally beat up by his 'not-so fellow' classmates.

"Everything was going fine" he said until an upperclassman (who also demands to remain anonymous) noticed that he got a manicure
"that's totally gay" witness Sarah F. (15 Sophmore) claimed is what the bully remarked
"but i'm a man, i deserve a MANicure" the victim said right before the bully swung at him, knocking him to the ground.

Whilst the unnamed bully and his friends kicked the 15 year old teen he remarked "don't fuck up my nails bro!" 

The upperclassmen's friends looked at him and continued beating him up, thus the riot of fifth period started

"i don't know I just started hitting people" Jared S. (16 junior)
"i didn't know this is what high school was like, my shrek lunchbox almost broke. my mom would have killed me" Carl T. (14 Freshman)

After four minutes of pure madness only the victim and the upperclassman had major injuries

"gonna have to stock up on bugs bunny bandaids after this one" the elderly school nurse quoted

The staff cleared the fights after a minute and a half and tried to get things back to the normal schedule

"it's those damn vietnamese and their nail salons. scarier than 'nam", claimed racist janitor and former veteran

The Principal refused to answer any questions claiming "who the fuck is teen news and why do they care about a cafeteria fight?"