Generational Privilege: Older Americans Challenge Teens

A surge of ambitious members of the ODIE community (Old, Decrepit, Infertile, and Expiring) are challenging teens that claim they need to "get with the times". Their community has been villainized for years because of their decision to reject progressive movements such as same-sex marriage, equal opportunity employment, and the expansion of what gender means.

PUNTA GORDA, FL - "Back in my day, if you wanted to get a job you had to be the best person for the position," 87 year old Jack "Slick" Carter who identifies as a trans-generational cis-age old person continued, "now companies will hire which ever color, gender, or sexual identity they need to complete their employment rainbow."

When presented with that statement one caucasian college female expressed her "generational privilege", "I wish that old [expletive] man had Alzheimer's." Despite a lot of oppressive young people trying to game the ODIE community in a system that tends to give them advantages, the brave minority is preparing to march, or rather roll, onto Washington.

yo like this but with like a million fucking wheelchairs

"When I was a young girl I most certainly wanted to scissor with Eleanor Roosevelt, but that would've made me a sexual deviant at the time." A ridiculously old woman who identifies as an "other" in terms of her generation went on to say, "Hopefully this young white president we currently have will be able to convince the young people of America that their privilege is the greatest of all. The privilege of not dying soon." The woman died shortly after from a pre-existing heart condition that was "not disrupted by a picture of Barack Obama someone showed her."

perhaps a trans-race?

The leader of the movement, Gerald Archibald, a 95 year old who prefers the somewhat offensive slang term "very old" had this to say "When we roll onto Washington, we're going to, uh. Who are you guys? Where Am I?

Gerald Archibald has severe dementia and has very little time left to live.

Check your generational privilege.