Holiday Drinks: Christmas Themed Alcoholic Beverages

Tis the season to get drunk as fuck and make decisions you may or may not regret for the rest of your life.  Are you an August baby? If you answered yes to that question you may or may not be one the aforementioned regretful decisions.  LET'S BREAK DOWN THE TOP 3 HOLIDAY DRINKS IN THE 9TH DAY OF THE TEEN NEWS 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

christmas alcoholic beverage

Can you imagine anything better than the combination of peppermint and Colt 45? Probably not, but remember to pour some out for the elves that aren't here right now.


christmas alcoholic beverage

Nothing quite says Merry Christmas like hanging out with your main man Keith Stone.  Besides, your wallet is probably pretty tight after buying a really nice present for your mom.  BUY A REALLY NICE PRESENT FOR YOUR MOM.


christmas alcoholic beverage

An inconspicuous way to turn up your holiday party.  Drop a few E pills in the eggnog and get ready to hop on prancer and the rest of the other reindeer babes at the party.  
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