Hot Teen Girls I Would Have Sex With

This is pretty straightforward.  These are eight girls I, and hopefully you, would have sex with.  I think my standards are pretty high.

hot girl

Hello #1.  In the "gangster rap" era of teen culture we all pretend it's ass over titties but i wouldn't mind having this girl's titties near my ass.  Yup.

hot girl

Ever wanted to tell your friends you banged a cheerleader but aren't good enough looking to bang a cheerleader? Well, #2 is the exception to that rule.  She may be the straw that broke the camel's back but she's got enough team spirit for my penis.

hot girl

#3 is a two for one and no i'm not talking about foreheads.  First off, I get to bang a bitch with a boyfriend which is basically the broest thing you can do except for banging a bitch without a boyfriend.  Second off, I get to bang a MILF! That stands for mildlyattractivebitch i'd like to fuck if you didn't already know.

EDIT: #4 is a really bad joke

hot girl karate

The only thing that kicks more ass than this girl is the sex we're about to have! Well I could still kick #5's ass cause she is a female, but on the flip side let's hope wearing a "black belt" doesn't mean you're only into "black guys" but I'm sure there's probably not a connection...maybe.

hot girl guitar hero

Well #6....I would have sex with you.

chris brown

I typed in Drake on google and this definitely isn't Drake, so just imagine a picture of Drake in your head because I'm sure you have a great imagination that wasn't totally destroyed by video games and that's #7.

sarah jessica parker

I'm just going to level with you on this one.  This is a comedy article so I was looking for an ugly catholic schoolgirl to make a similar joke to the cheerleader one earlier.  That failed, I typed in fat catholic schoolgirl but apparently the internet is only fond of fat cheerleaders.  So with that in mind I typed in the ugliest thing I could think of (Sarah Jessica Parker) and proved that there is such a thing as destiny and I can proudly tell you I would have sex with #8 because she's famous.