Hottest Cartoon Characters

Everyone has their fantasies. There are far more perverted fetishes than sexy cartoon characters, so fuck you for judging me. Here's a list of the top 5 cartoon characters I'd bang if given the chance. 

1. Lola Bunny

hot cartoon character
I'd let her play with my pom-poms

Lola is just such a sexy name to begin with. I’m pretty sure she introduced me to my first erection.

2. Ariel (little mermaid)

hot cartoon character
she got me wet af

Most of you are probably thinking to yourselves “DURRR but Ariel is part human.” Well fuck you cause the broad is clearly a fish and I’d jizz in her gills any day.

3. Articuno (pokemon)

articuno pokemon
That booty gives me the chills

Now that would be a legendary bang. There’s just something about the rarity of this bird that turns me on so much. I’d definitely waste an ultra ball on this bitch. Not sure it’s female tho. Articuna? I totally feel like Articuno would be a squirter.

4. Cortana (Halo)

hot cartoon character
I've never had sex with a computer before...

We absolutely adore videogames here at teen news. Although Cortana is artificial intelligence and does not technically exist in our physical universe, she is responsible for my first orgasm. What’s that? You say you didn’t jerk it after beating Halo 1? Must’ve been on some Heroic shit. Legendary or it didn’t count.

5. Minnie Mouse (Disney)

hot cartoon character
did someone say up-skirt?

Usually I don’t condone anything that’s made by Disney, considering the fact that Walt Disney was a raging anti-semite and a known pen-pal of Adolph Hitler, but not even this Kosher cock can resist that sex appeal of Minnie Mouse. She just glows with classic beauty.