How to be Cool in High School

Everyone wants to be cool in high school. Cool kids get the girls, cool kids go to the parties, cool kids get their own reserved seating in the cafeteria. Well if you want to be cool, follow these easy steps, and you’ll be dining with the kings and queens of your school in no time

Make Fun of Everyone You Can

This part should seem obvious. Remember that time Chad Longdick called you a “fag”? Well how cool is Chad? Exactly. For this reason it is extremely important you put down any person you come across: your friends, your parents, your teachers, your dog. Remember, the more people that dislike you the cooler you’ll be

sleeping dog
Have Sex with Girls

Okay so this part should also seem obvious, but a lot of people forget it. Remember that time Chad had sex with that girl who doesn't know your name? Well how cool is Chad? Wait, we already went over that. Regardless, you should definitely have sex with females. Take pictures too and send them to (no fat chicks)
hillary duff
is hillary duff still cute noawadays?


HAHAHAHAHAAH I’m fuckin witchu
hit bongs not books
Sell Drugs

Remember that time Chad didn't sell you any weed because he has no idea who you are? Well as we all know, Chad is cool. Selling drugs is the easiest way to make friends as a teenager because if there’s one thing I know about teens, they love drugs. If you don’t have any drugs try selling Advil to that weird kid in your Algebra class. He’ll probably buy it
20 bucks a tab yo
Get All Your Pokemon to Level 100

Listen up pussy, if all six of your Pokemon aren’t level 100, people aren't ever going to take you seriously. You think Chad rolls up to the club with a level 82 Charizard? Fuck no. That boy rolls around wit hunnits. We talkin Blastoise, Snorlax, shit, the guy’s even got a level 100 Aerodactyl. That’s dope. So next time you’re in school thinkin you’re hot shit with your level 64 Exeggutor, think again nerd
pokemon level 100
raw af