How to Get Laid and Lose Your Virginity

Tired of watching all your friends hook up with girls, while you just sit at the party alone with a beer in your hand? Then pay attention because this list contains five approaches you should implement in your quest to lose that virginity. Follow them and go from beta basement dweller to alpha pussy getter. 

1. The best game is no game.
At a glance this might not make sense, The best game is no game? How can you be spitting game without spitting game at all? This falls under the “women love assholes” principle. One must step back and understand what they mean by that. They don’t love “assholes.” What they mean by this is that they hate when men try too hard. It is extremely unattractive to women when men are constantly persistent on their hunt. When you try too hard, this conveys to the woman that you have zero prospects. If you have zero prospects, you are not desired. Women love men who are desired so even if you are focusing on only woman, make it seem she is nothing special, until you are officially dating her.
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2. Never spread yourself too “thin.”
The Roman Empire was arguably one of the most prominent World Powers. They systematically almost managed and controlled all of Europe. Almost. Their inevitable takeover of all of Europe, was encumbered by their ambition. They spread their army too thin. This idea is applicable to your sex life. If you are spitting game to 20 women at the same time, it is impossible to equally distribute the amount of charm necessary to close the deal. While it is important to remember “the best game is no game,” one must not lose sight of the goal at hand. You should only be spitting game to ten women at most.

3. The “five second rule.”
Saying “hi” is quite possibly the most important, yet challenging aspect of getting laid. This piece of advice is to light a fire under your ass. At a bar when you see a woman you want to bring home, allow yourself only five seconds to approach the woman. This works at all venues, whether it is a party, a bar or a concert. Give yourself five seconds. This rule is win-win. If you succeed; you have your foot in the door. If you exceed your five seconds, you can move on and you aren’t wasting hours on the decision whether to say “hi,” or not. Onto the next one my dude.
five second rule

4. Weed out the prudes.
This rule is simple. When getting laid you have to weed out the prude ones early. You can spend months chasing a sexy broad just to find out she gave a hand job once to her ex-boyfriend of 2 years.
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5. Numbers numbers numbers!
You bang 0% of the girls you don’t hit on. Always keep your options open, but never too open (refer to rule number 2).
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