Inner City Basketball Community Outreach Program

Inner city teens have recently created a community outreach program to teach privileged white teens about the game of basketball.  The first recipient of this progressive program was a fifteen year old named Jeffrey.

The day began with the hosts introducing themselves to Jeffrey.
"Hi guys! I sure am ready to play some hoop ball."
"I think you mean hoops, Jeff."
basketball clip art happy
This is NOT an accurate representation of a basketball.

Soon they transitioned into simple layup and dribbling drills which Jeffrey handled with the gracefulness of a paraplegic deer.  They quickly deemed the trainee neither left nor right handed within his first five minutes with a basketball.
"Running and trying to get the ball into the hoop ball net is so difficult, I can't do it."
"It's called a layup Jeffrey, but don't worry, the 25th time's the charm."

Beaming with frustration one of the hosts shouted LeBron James as he launched a deep three point shot, and an uplifting conversation ensued.
"Why are you saying his last name first?"
"No, no, LeBron is his first name, James is his last."
"Whaaaat! I guess I just don't get this hoop ba- erm i mean basketball stuff."
*encouraging pat on back* "You'll get it soon man."

Two hours went by "painfully slow" and Jeffrey was pouring with sweat.
"I'm glad you guys took time out of your day to play sports with me."
"No problem Jeffrey."
"You can call me Jeff."
*takes shot*