Macklemore Comes Out of the Closet as Gay

After teens voted a surprising 94% that Mackle should be followed by "less" instead of "more" the Grammy winning artist spoke out in the famous town of Warwick.

WARWICK, RI - Rhode Island teens were adamant about the injustice of a white cisgendered heterosexual non-poor rapper taking advantage of the struggles of others to achieve fame.  However, that all changed late Wednesday night when Macklemore had an announcement.

"Mackle actually means gay in arabic and 
more means more in English." - Macklemore
Macklemore also admitted to having sexual relations with his DJ as well as Ryan Seacrest, Paul Blart Mall Cop, and Zooboomafoo.  

90s sex icon
Rhode Island might be the largest and most populated state in the union, but today they were a tight knit community no bigger than the tip of a thumbtack on a map of the United States.