Most Important Back to School Shopping Items

Now that you're going back to school teen news is laying out the ten most dopest items that you should definitely have to ready to go.

10. Pens

Fuck homework. It’s to write bitches numbers down. They can’t erase that shit either. We talkin permanent ink here

these are the shittiest fucking type of pens

9. Weed

Smoke it in the bathroom at school. You won’t get in trouble, trust me. You’ll be way too cool to get arrested

kush so loud my neighbor's
dog started barking

8. Snapback

You know those hats that click in the back instead of being fitted to your head? Apparently those are in right now, so wear them. Leave the stickers on it too. Trust me, it’ll make you like super swaggy or whatever

you too can be this cool

7. Walkman

How else are you gunna listen to Smashmouth on the go?


6. Health Insurance

Being properly insured is very important for any American citizen

stethoscope pills

5. Lighters

To light things on fire, mainly cigarettes. I guess candles too but I mean that’s kinda gay tbh

these are the shittiest fucking type of lighter

4. Condoms

You don’t want to have kids, trust me. You’ll be a shitty father

deflated balloon
used condom

3. A Funny T-Shirt

A funny graphic tee is the perfect way to get bitches to notice you. You know that shirt you got that has Stewie Griffin on it and it says “I’ve been a bad boy”? Yeah, wear that shit. Bitches love babies

stewie family guy
victory will be achieved!!

2. Drugs

You know you need them

tylenol ibruprofen

1. Your Parent’s Money

To pay for the drugs you need

rack city, population: you