New Bong Design Can Get You Even Higher

 A group of teenage friends rejoice as one of them claims to have made “the world’s most illin’ bong”
“yo this piece is tight af homie”
i kno right. wanna blaze?
“shit i aint got no bud"
damn me neither

weed cannabis bud kush
don't act like this nug
aint makin you horny
Sources indicate the “water pipe” is constructed out of high grade, polyethylene terephthalate plastic, and is shaped to perfection with various groves and ridges designed to guarantee the smoothest hits of cannabis tobacco smoke
*takes one rip of bong*
*coughs up smoke and doesn't inhale at all*
“damn i’m high af”

engineering model
the engineering intricacies that
went into this bong's construction
can boggle the mind
Further investigation revealed the engineer who designed the bong also used custom pieces to construct the slider and bowl. Using a top of the line Bic pen and a titanium ratchet piece from his dad’s garage, the slider and bowl fit perfectly into the bottle shaped base with just a little bit of duct tape
*creates smoking device out of recyclable materials*
*becomes unusable after about a week*
“damn i bet if i sold these things i’d be hella rich”

guy smoking bong
the bong in action. just look at
that fine craftsmanship
Teen news sat down with the teenage engineering prodigy (who preferred to remain anonymous because his mom is like, really strict)

teen news: so tell us about your recent invention

teen: well it all started when me and my boy ricky was smokin n shit. we didn’t have a piece and ricky was tryna smoke nug through his nostril. i was like ricky, don’t be a clown. that’s when i… ummmmm

teen news: that’s when you constructed the bong?

teen: hell yeah son!! shit was wicked. yanno, i grabbed a gatorade bottle, DRANK THAT SHIT, then just popped all the pieces together. filled that shit up with water and yanno, IT FUCKIN RIPPED HOMIE

teen news: sounds fun

teen: damn straight. afterwards we drank the bong water. shit tasted like fierce grape. DEE-LISH

teen news: you drank the bong water?

teen: of course man! shit gets you  F A D E D

teen news: if you say so. well, thank you for your time. we really appreciate it

teen: no problemo. hit me up if you want one of my homemade bongs. only 50 bucks!

teen news: we’ll pass

teen: whatever hater
*rips bong*
*smells like burning plastic*
*coughs for 10 minutes*