Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson Answers Questions

In this edition of celeb versus teen, a teen with very little knowledge on the sport of basketball recently sent former NBA player Allen Iverson a barrage of fan mail.  Allen Iverson joins teen news for the inside scoop on how professional athletes actually react to the very few messages they end up reading.

TN: You don't look like Allen Iverson.
AI: Trust me, I am.
TN: Okay.

TN: Let's look at Tim's first message to you.

Dear Alan Ivursun,

Is it Alan or Allen? I wasn't really sure so I just picked one I hope that's OK. :) Anyway, I was watching you play basketball the other night and I just want to be like you! Can you come over one day and teach me how to shoot a b ball

From, Tim

AI: It's Allen.
TN: We know, but who are you really? You're not even black.
AI: Trust me, I'm Allen Iverson, but yea this kid's a god damn herb.

Dear Allen Iverson,

I googled you this time.  Sorry for the spelling errors! Did you know you can pretty much google anything!  I also realized you retired a long time ago but you're still my favorite.  What's your favorite snack?  Personally I like Oreos because you can lick them for days.

Sincerely, Tim

AI:  I fucking love oreas.
TN: Oranges are delicious.
AI: I could eat orangutans all day everyday.


Can you please fucking respond, I'm literally sick of fucking sending you these god damn letters and acting like a cutesy bitch just to talk to you.  The real situation is my friend bet me $200 I couldn't get an NBA player to punch me in the face, and seeing how you're probably desperate af for the money I figured I'd split it with you.  So come at me pussy I live at [Address removed for privacy purposes]. 

Fuck you, Tim

AI: I'll knock that kid the fuck out.

Hopefully on the next edition of celeb versus teen we'll do a little more research before we attribute a bunch of quotes to the actual person when we knew right from the jump this guy was a fraud.  Seriously though, hit us up if you're the real Allen Iverson, we're here for you when life gets tough man.