Rapper Lil B The Based God Explained for Parents

Teens love to belong to something bigger than themselves.  It's teen nature.  Whether it be the latest fad or liking a song simply because it's been played on the radio 1,420 times.  With that goal in mind, a group of teens that felt excluded from their high school groups took a pilgrimage to become what many teens across the country already are; based.

*Lil B gets retweeted onto teen's timeline*
"what the fuck is this shit"

The alluring nature of this internet celebrity's twitter page naturally caused this group of teens to look more closely at the possible swag that could be associated with the based god.
"apparently he's a rapper"
*listens to Lil B song*
"what the fuck is this shit"

Quickly, the teens became enamored with the community behind it's leader.
*sees people saying TYBG for random things*
*sees pictures of strange looking people that say "Thank You Based God"*
"what the FUCK is this shit"

The next question that would logically be asked would be "how can i be based in real life and not just on social media?" Well, being based is now being referred to politically as a lifestyle choice and if you choose to make it public there are options such as wearing a pink bandanna and declaring yourself as a member of the "BITCH MOB TASK FORCE".
"dude i have no idea why anyone likes this stuff"
"it's pretty funny, i'm about to rep it ironically"
*teens go to mall and purchase pink bandannas*

lil b
even the cast of sons of anarchy rep bitch mob

With their journey almost complete, the group of teens need only complete one final task to fully assimilate into the "BITCH MOB TASK FORCE" and do right by Lil B The Based God.
*has sex*