Teen Pictures Gone Wrong: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

When teens are in a relationship it is of the upmost importance to take pictures together…not to cherish the memories they shared but to upload them on social media sites and prove to all of their friends that they're getting the sex from another person. Below are 4 examples of this expression of young love.

  1. This is quite possibly the most alpha picture of all time, faded in the back they are about to share a kiss (a.k.a. 2nd base) and then on the right she’s bent over looking like Miley Cyrus ready to twerk (which is basically having sex but with clothes on to prevent pregnancy). So. Much. Trill. 

  2. funny boyfriend girlfriend picture

    2. Here we see a classic example of an American teen wedding, these two are likely cousins and live in West Virginia…how wonderful.  Both are ripping cigarettes (which is badass as fuck) so it’s obvious this soon to be husband and wife couple give no shits (420 blaze it!!!).

    funny boyfriend girlfriend picture

    3.    Wow…literally the definition of yolo. Equipped with fake pig snouts, which is the latest in teen fashion (asap rocky wears them all the time, swag!) the pic was snapped right before this interracial couple shared a glorious makeout sesh. Which is a lot more then you basement dwelling virgins can say.

    funny boyfriend girlfriend picture

    4. Oh my god, it doesn’t get much more amazing than this, not only does the blonde haired girl look like it could possibly be a man but they both have mullets! Holy swag!!! These two probably look at all you virgin teens and laugh because of the amount of sex they partake in. 

    funny boyfriend girlfriend picture