Teenagers Prefer Marijuana Over All Other Drugs Except Dubstep

Come on guys, dubstep isn't a drug, but i guess that's what happens when you do drugs...you turn into a complete fucking moron.

38 out of the 80 teens that participated in this survey voted that "dubstep" was their drug of choice.  Occasionally we here at teen news like to throw out a "trick answer" to make sure you guys are actually paying attention and not just drunkenly bantering about how great we are.  All of our cockiness and your stupidity aside let's take an in depth look at the poll results.

teen poll
47% of teens are retarded

Surprise, surprise, teens love marijuana.  90% of the girls you will have sex with in your life is entirely based off of how well you can roll a joint.  Surprisingly, meth finished in 2nd place most likely to do the popularity of AMC's Breaking Bad which concluded tonight.  I won't give away any spoilers but R.I.P. Walter White, he dies, Jesse escapes, but first Walt kills all the nazis and finds a creative way to make sure his son will receive a whopping 9 million dollars in the form of a trust when he turns 18.  Sorry fuckers, maybe you should watch shit live instead of being spoiled ass teenagers with a fucking DVR. 

Somehow molly finished in dead last which I guess means most of you have never tried it.  Let this article serve as a PSA to y'all, be cooler.