Video Game Addictions Are a Real World Problem

Local teens hold an intervention for a friend, a 16 year old male, who they claimed was “mega shitty at video games” “We knew we needed to plan an intervention for him once he used his masterball on Articuno. Shit like that is unforgivable”

The teens invited their friend over for what he thought would be a fun game of “Super Smash Brothers Melee”, but what actually went down was much different.

The intervention started with questioning the teen’s character choice in Super Smash Brothers. “Bowser dude? Are you kidding me?”
“But he’s strong as fuck!”
“No man, just no. Turn off the Gamecube”
*teen turns off Gamecube*

falco super smash move set
commit it to memory

It was at this moment the teenage angst reached critical condition. “We need to have a discussion about your… habits”

The teen was confused at first, not able to handle his friends’ harsh statements about his video game prowess. They took turns making personal confessions:

“Remember that time you killed that guy in Halo?”
“How could I forget??”
“That was your only kill… Ever”
“Yeah but I fucked that dude up”

“Lemme see your phone”
“Just fuckin give it to me!”
*takes phone*
“You still haven’t beat it yet? IT’S THE THIRD FUCKING LEVEL OF ANGRY BIRDS”
“Whatever man it’s hard”
“I see you playin that shit all time man. Like, c’mon… c’mon”
*teen breaks down  crying*

angry birds
the game does get hard sometimes

“I’ve been friends with you for a while man. You know that”
“Of course”
“Grab this”
*hands him a Nintendo DS*
“What handheld gaming system is this?”
*boths teens embrace and begin to cry*

As the intervention winded down, the 16 year old boy came to grips with reality.
“Maybe I’m not the gamer I thought I was”
“The first step is admitting it dude. Here, take this game. You can practice with it”
*hands him Mario Kart*
“This game rewards bad players. There’s no way you can lose at single player mode”
“Thanks. You’re the best”

blue shell mario kart

Before the intervention ended, the teen had one last request.
 “One last thing bro… Toss me the sticks!”
*teen throws him a Gamecube controller*
“You ready for a round?”
*both teens smile*
“Let’s do this”
*picks Ganondorf*