What Brand of Soda Do Hipsters Drink

Naturally you were the first one in your circle of friends to start drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and were disappointed when it became "too mainstream".  Here's your chance to get ahead of the curve once again and become a trend setter in a liquid that you're legally allowed to purchase.

6) 7Up
7up soda logo
that red dude could be you
Sprite is obviously way too mainstream after the skrillex song "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites" gave it the unintentional product placement boost.  Forget about Sierra Mist because Kanye "everyone loves him except for you" West fans still bump "Diamonds From Sierra Leone".  Give 7Up's below average lemon lime flavor a try, you might not regret it.

5) Mello Yello
mello yello soda
any questions?
Dang, it's pretty unique how they dropped the w's from both of those words isn't it.  Technically they're not even words anymore.  Spell check doesn't approve so neither will your norm-abiding friends which makes this a perfect soda for you.

4) R.C. Cola
r.c. cola
don't let the shape of your bottle define you
Screw the man, Coca Cola and Pepsi aren't ready for your counterculture.

3) Fresca

fresca logo
fresca wit a leaf on top
There are tons of people that drink Fresca actually.  However, none of those people are teens.  If you are a teen and you like Fresca, you are either not a teen or you don't like Fresca.  Unless of course, you're a hipster.

2) Pibb Xtra
cat pibb xtra
this cat has the right idea
Impress the people you hang out with by pointing out you hated it when it was called "Mr. Pibb".  Explain that you didn't like how "the man" ascribed gender to an inanimate object and are only drinking it as a "fuck you" to the misogynistic culture that you vow to destroy.

1) Ale-8-One
You've probably never heard of it...