What Not to Wear on Your College Campus

While the benefits of going to a big, state school are nearly endless, you sure do run into a lot of characters on campus. Here’s a list of the five most common college fashion faux pas of our time:

5) The White Gangster
white gangsters

 In spite of the fact it is 12:30 in the afternoon and he is completely unprepared, this Mac Miller knockoff shows up 20 minutes late to a 50 minute lecture with headphones on and bags under his eyes. He sits next to you in some bandwagon basketball jersey, snapback and sweats, asks you what he missed, and proceeds to bum around on his phone the rest of the class.

4) The Wannabe Redneck

He wears a trucker cap, tree print camo, Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots, despite that he has never done actual work on an actual farm. He just feels the need to show everyone on campus he drives some garden-variety pick-up truck (which has never seen anything but asphalt).

3) The Guy Who Forgot to Check the Weather

cold outfit

It’s snowing. He’s in a Green Day t-shirt he has probably been sleeping in the past three nights, a pair of basketball shorts that have never seen the gym and slip-on man sandals. The weirdest part of it all? He does not seem the least bit phased by the elements.

2) The Overly-Preppy Frat Bro

preppy frat bro

It’s perfectly fine to rock a button down and khakis to class once in a while. Whether you have a presentation, an interview or just feel like dressing up, everyone is entitled to a little Ralph Lauren during the week. But, when a casual shorts-and-Sperry’s combo turns into a pastel eyesore, everyone else’s douche radar is set off. Don’t be that guy who dresses like he single-handedly keeps Vineyard Vines in business.

1) The Walk of Shame
walk of shame

It’s unclear whether this girl is actually returning home from a rough night of questionable life choices, or is just desperate for attention (hint: the later in the week it is, the more likely it is the former). Either way, she’s wearing a too-tight, too-short, why-would-you-wear-that-to-class skirt or dress. The real culprits of this crime usually go for neon versions of the ensemble. Oversized sunglasses, huge hoop earrings and an excessive amount of body glitter are the telltale signs of a Walk of Shame, and isn’t a good look on anybody.