What To Get Your Girlfriend For Christmas

A group of Indiana teens all take different approaches while holiday shopping for their most likely short term high school girlfriends.

FORT WAYNE, IN - Women.  Can't shop with them, can't shop without them.  With a $25 self imposed shopping limit, four teens all took different approaches to buying their girlfriend's gifts and all four got different reactions.

Seth was approached by the mafia like Sephora employees immediately upon entering the store and left with about $10 worth of eyeliner for his girlfriend and about $15 worth of a "free makeover" for himself.  "I've honestly never felt prettier." Well, Seth's dreams of beauty were quickly shot down when his significant other reacted by calling him a "cheap faggot".

Long regarded as the most well rounded in his friend group, Joey decided to just ask the "first guy he saw at the piercing pagoda" to "pick out whatever shit you can for $25".  His girlfriend apparently loved everything and rewarded him with "one of the sweetest bjs in the history of all time".


"Do you know how many condoms $25 can get you? Enough to have sex like a million times!" John was apparently wrong however, and rightfully so because during the tenure of their relationship his girlfriend had never gone past 1st base "at least with [him]" but thanked John for the gift nonetheless and said she would use them with a "more mature better looking man."


The much maligned Scott had a last minute fight with his girlfriend and decided to see how many doritos locos tacos he could eat instead of buying her a gift.  He later reconciled with her, was forgiven for not buying her a gift, and is still currently the reigning taco eating champion in Fort Wayne.

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