White Girl Uses Hashtags on Twitter

Local teenage girl recently had charges pressed against her for incessant social media abuse
“oh cool i’m going to wendy’s. i better tweet about this so everyone knows”

The 16 year old white girl (sources indicate her name is “Becky” or “Sarah” or “Something Really White”) was most recently caught using hashtags that went over 50 characters, confusing and annoying plenty of teens on Twitter

white girl hashtag
brian really is a creeper though

Not only has Rachel taken Twitter by storm, she has also brought her antics to the Facebook scene, polluting many teenagers feed with inane hashtags and public complaints about homework

white girl facebook hashtag
facebook has hashtags. i guess
nowhere is safe now
Teen news was able to sit down with Melissa to learn more about her harsh crimes against the social media public, though we were separated by a glass wall due to her being in a juvenile detention center for pending charges

teen news: so, alexandra, tell us a little about yourself

jessica: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well i really like-

teen news: that’s enough about yourself. why don’t you talk about your internet usage

cindy: i LOOOOVVEEEE twitter. have you evr seen the common white girl account?? it’s like they know my freaking life!!

teen news: hmm, yes

amanda: and i mean, facebook is kinda lame but like whatever. i barely go on it
*checks facebook*

teen news: do you understand why you’re being charged with these crimes, brittany?

samantha: uhh, cuz the government is gay?? IDK CREEPER WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME SO MANY QUESTIONS

teen news: thank you for your time

amy: *you’re