Worst Christmas Music Songs on the Radio Part 1

Happy holidays, in day 3 of the 25 days of teen news Christmas teen news examines one of the absolute worst parts of the month of December. The fact that a few of your local top 40 stations are switching from your favorite overplayed jams to 24/7 non-stop Christmas music.  A blessing? I don't think so.

All I want for Christmas is you, [Christmas Songs]
All I want for Christmas is you, [Christmas Songs]
All I want for Christmas is you, [Christmas Songs]

The Post-Thanksgiving music apocalypse that happens every year without fail is upon us.  Everytime you drive to Target, walk around Target, or hear a Target commercial your ears are immediately assaulted with the sounds of Christmas joy.  Target did not pay us for us to use Target five times and counting in our article, but be sure to check out your local Target for the best Christmas shopping deals. Target. Expect More. Pay less.

Part 2 will focus specifically on some of the worst Christmas songs, but let's get to the crux of why teens hate Christmas songs.  When teens listen to music they listen for one of four things: Skrillex, Coldplay, Rihanna, or Drake.  Or more generally: dubstep, new age rock music, pop music, or Drake.  Teen News can prove this with a few responses from actual teens.

"i love drake" - Jill
"i love drake" - Beth
"i love drake" - Tiffany aka "Tiff"

teens also love coldplay

chris brown puppy
and some teens also love rihanna

dubstep, the inventor of skrillex

Basically, teens don't HATE  Basically, teens don't HATE Christmas music they just hate that it isn't Drake.  What the fuck happened to the radio? They took Drake off the radio for a whole month, what the drake fuck.  Check back sometime tomorrow for "Christmas Trees Are Just Plants" and scroll down to see New Jersey legend and teen sympathizer Tony Soprano wondering the same things you are.    
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