Worst NFL and NCAA College Football Mascots

Let's take a look at the worst mascots in the world of football.  We'll take a dive into both the world of college sports and professional sports to show you the twelve most sus mascots that you and your friends should love...ironically

12. Zippy - University of Akron 

university of akron mascot

A kangaroo in Ohio? Why not!? Oh and if you couldn't tell that it's supposed to be a kangaroo maybe you should apologize before it hops on out of Ohio like everyone from Akron does. *cough* LeBron *cough*

11. Goldy Gopher - University of Minnesota

university of minnesota mascot

HOLY SHIT. This has got to be the most sus mascot of all time. Everyone knows chipmunks love stuffing their mouths to the brim with nuts...so what does that say about your team? 

10. Keggy the Keg - Dartmouth College

dartmouth college keg mascot

I assume the same white girl that named her pet fish "fishy" and her pet cat "kitty" came up with the name of this try-hard mascot.

9. Rocky the Rocket - University of Toledo

university of toledo mascot

Is that a power ranger? Oh wait no its just a mentally handicapped virgin who couldn't make it in the special olympics and is now spends his days as a useless mascot. 

8.  Otto the Orange - Syracuse University

syracuse university mascot

The only vitamin C this stupid mascot can't get you is Cool.  It wasn't like Syracuse was your first choice as a university anyway so I'm sure you didn't expect a non-retarded mascot.

7. Archie the Autistic Tree - Stanford University

stanford university mascot

Representing Stanford University is Archie the autistic tree and his buddies from the forest of retarded plants...intimidating af. 

6. The Boltman - San Diego Chargers

boltman san diego chargers mascot

A very 90s style mascot that doesn't at all look like someone who has recently drank radioactive
sunny- d.

5. "Lightning" the Pegasus- Middle State Tennessee University 
middle state tennessee university mascot
Pegasus...more like MEGA-SUS. But no in all seriousness what is that thing a fucking brony? Your mascot is a socially awkward nerd who masturbates to My Little Pony porn on the internet. Smh. 

4. The Fighting Okra - Delta State University

delta state university mascot

Never heard of Delta State? Don't tell this vegetable or he might put his fifty cent paper mache boxing gloves to terrible use.

3. Chief Opa-Locka-Lightning-Bear - The Washington Red Skins 

washington redskins racist mascot

If you've ever seen that gay disney movie Pocahontas then you know Indians are fucking sus...and this dude is no exception

2. T.D. - Miami Dolphins

miami dolphins mascot

Finally, a retard that we don't have to force to wear a helmet.

1. Collin The Clown - McDonalds State Wolverines

mcdonalds mascot

Wow... and I thought America couldn't get anymore gay, fat and scary. This is just depressing.