Worst Things About Going Back to School

Such bullshit that bears can just hibernate through the winter. I wish I was a bear. Bitchiz love bears. Here are the 5 worst aspects of going back to school.

Not being able to watch porn with the volume cranked.

Unless BOTH your parents are teachers, it's likely that your parents work during your break. You are given the glorious privacy and freedom to jerk it. When school starts you only have a good hour to watch porn without anyone in the house, and that's only if only one of your parents work. Headphones are chill, but aren’t as epic and majestic as the sound of your porn echoing and hugging the acoustics of your house.

Patronizing textbook chapters.

The first chapter of any textbook induces crippling ADHD that makes me think about gnawing my ankles. I just read a chapter called Chapter 0. I can literally feel the teacher applying the lube on which anus she shall be fisting in two months.

Waking up before the sun rises.

During any break I behave like a savage. On New Year's Eve I ate fried chicken naked in my sheets with my girl. The sheets got mad greasy from so much meat, and yeah the chicken left a mess too (; The abrupt disturbance in your sleeping cycle is unhealthy. And then then a few months into the year, when you finally acclimate to a healthy sleeping habit, "they" TAKE AN HOUR. They just take it and you have to wake up an hour earlier than you have been for half of the year. You go to class before the sun rises and get out as it sets.

Unresolved Conflicts.

Most family's don't actually travel but still consider this break vacation because it is an escape from their lives. It's best to make any major decisions BEFORE going on vacation. Always breakup with your gf/bf before the holidays.

Seeing people.

Same people same shit. I only have 3 people I really consider to be my friend but hey, I'll take 4 quarters over 100 Pennies any day. Most people are just terrible.